Direct Hire Placements To Temporary Staffing Solutions

From direct hire placements to temporary staffing, our diverse national pool of candidates are pre-screened with your business in mind to ensure the right fit. Working with Amerit also ensures that your business receives 100% supplier diversity credit for the services we provide.

Diverse Employees In Meeting

Experts in Finding Top Talent

Our expert recruiters have direct experience in each of the fields for which they recruit, so they know what makes the perfect candidate stand out in a particular industry. As a result, we connect our clients to top-notch candidates to ensure that every placement is the right fit.

Diverse Arenas

The candidates with whom we work span a wide range of skills, experience, and capabilities. Our staffing solutions connect top employers to experienced candidates in many areas, including:

  • Operations / Logistics
  • Engineering
  • Technical / IT
  • Call Center
  • Accounting / Finance
  • Administrative
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Legal
  • Marketing

Long-term or Temporary Staffing Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a new senior executive or a small army of temporary help, our disciplined approach to pre-screening and closely evaluating all our candidates saves you time and resources when looking for the right staff. Our emphasis on in-person introductions and social networking results in a deep understanding of every candidate we place. We offer our clients the option of utilizing the staffing solutions that work best for their business.

Direct Hire

We recruit and place talented, top caliber individuals and complete project teams with businesses who need their specialized services.


Use your company’s contract period to evaluate candidates before making a full-time decision. Choose to have contracted staff remain on our payroll or move to yours at any time.

Temporary Staffing

Our large national set of pre-screened, experienced candidates are ready to go to work for you, whenever you need them for whatever time period your project requires.

Payroll & On-boarding

Our cost-effective employee-centric payroll and on-boarding services protect your business from possible employee misclassification that could expose your company to liability. By using technology and customized solutions, we can reduce the administrative burdens and lost time of on-boarding, correctly classify employees with various tax authorities, create instant custom reports to fuel smarter decision making and securely store your data while ensuring that you can access it at any time through the web.

Compliance Specialists

We minimize your risk by helping you manage all compliance requirements for Independent Contractors and diversity spend requirements. We specialize in helping corporations meet diversity standards and take advantage of available incentives for partnering with a Service-Disabled Owned Business.

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